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As a therapist, I take great joy in helping my clients discover their happiness. I also know that, at times, people feel alone, isolated and even separated from others, especially when suffering with depression. Depressed or anxious teens may withdraw or act out, overwhelmed parents may erupt with anger or may pull away from their family, an unhappy partner may seek out reasons to blame and shame. Because I know we humans are social beings, any of these struggles can affect us individually, in addition to affecting all the people we care about. For this reason, I care deeply about helping teens, young adults, adults, couples and families achieve a better “you” and a better “us.”


My other passion is helping Veterans and their families regain the joy they experienced prior to separating because of a deployment or many deployments.  Being a Veteran myself, I completely understand how deployments impact families.  It is my deepest desire to continue my service by helping vets and their families restore the joys of life they once enjoyed and help build stronger, happier relationships within their families.

I believe therapy starts on the phone when you call for your free 15 minute consultation. I know you have a choice in choosing a therapist, which is why you will always have my undivided attention, my empathy and my support just as soon as I hear your voice.  I will take the time to get to know you, join with you and establish a therapeutic alliance with you, all designed to establish trust. We are connected to each other through social interaction thus making us social creatures. It is much easier to go through life with someone walking along side of you, and I will be that person, making the therapy centered around your needs and goals.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and helping you navigate through this thing called life!


My educational and professional background has afforded me the experience of working with a vast array of clientele, and has allowed me to recognize the importance of flexibility and adaptability as a therapist.  I began my educational experience pursing my goal of working with families with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development from Southern Christian University while serving my country in the United States Air Force.  After this time, I continued my educational experience with a Master of Arts Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and began working in various clinical settings for the main purpose of obtaining over 3,000 hours of supervised clinical experience, as part of the training to be a licensed MFT, and passing two licensing exams as well as ongoing continuing education training's. I have been exposed to a wide range of clientele and have come to realize my areas of expertise and my enthusiasm when working with clients therapeutically.

My clinical experience includes working with cases involving severe trauma, family conflict, depression, anxiety, as well as other mood disorders.  I gained tremendous exposure to crisis intervention, and worked as a member of a crisis intervention team. These experiences have cultivated my ability to remain calm and objective during periods of extreme stress for individuals and their families.   


I have been married to my wife of 24 years. I love nature and what it has to offer, beauty and peace. There is nothing more relaxing than being outside enjoying the sounds of nature.  Nothing more pleasant than waking up each morning and hearing birds chirp. I enjoy a good game of chess, traveling, and sushi. My self-care is centered around a nice game of chess with a human on the other side of the board or against a CPU.

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